eCig Products

What is an e-Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a relatively new product that has come into our lives. It’s an innovative product that uses a rechargeable battery and a heating unit called an atomiser. This used together with a nicotine solution usually referred to as e-liquid or e-juice gives the smokers the feeling of smoking, providing doses of nicotine at controlled rates.

The electronic cigarette is an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products such as pipes, cigars etc. Electronic Cigarettes give the smoker the nicotine the body craves without all the other chemicals and tar the burned tobacco and paper produce. E-liquids come in a range of tobacco flavors so that smokers can find a taste that suits them. There are virtually thousands of different flavors starting from the wide range of tobacco flavors, fruit flavors, sweet flavors and some savory flavors. For the really adventurous smokers even flavors such as roast chicken and bacon exist. The feeling given by smoking an electronic cigarette is almost identical to that of traditional cigarette. Smoking electronic cigarettes satisfies the desire for a cigarette without using burnt tobacco and paper.

Although most electronic cigarettes are designed to look like real cigarettes, cigars and even pipes, the trend seems to be moving to cigarettes that look like pens or screwdrivers because of their bigger and longer lasting batteries as well as their bigger filters that can hold large amounts of e-juice. Simply put the pen-style cigarettes are more practical.

Electronic cigarettes were invented by Mr. Hon Lik in 2003, Mr. Lik a Chinese pharmacist successfully managed to quit smoking analogue cigarettes and decided to patent and market electronic cigarettes the following year.

The aim of the electronic cigarette is to eliminate harmful toxins that traditional cigarette use and offer the smoker a safer alternative in smoking. The electronic cigarette helps the smoker to stop or drastically cut down on using analogue cigarettes as the nicotine the smokers body needs is delivered via this electronic device we all have come to know as the electronic cigarette.